transformRRSLOGOThere’s a difference between content and coverage.

Content is the stuff that fills space; coverage is the stuff that fills minds. Coverage provides the information and analysis that can fuel change. To gather this news, journalists go to all corners of their region to learn what issues are impacting lives. They go to school board meetings, city council meetings, public forums, speaking engagements, sports events and concerts.

They listen. They ask question. The dig beneath the surface to find the truth.

A great news-gathering operation is totally immersed in the community. Its reporting provides a public service, showing readers what has been done, what could be done and what must be done in their region.

Coverage by the Rockford Register Star has been cut in recent years because there are fewer news gatherers on the street. It means that fewer stories are being written locally, fewer issues explored, that there’s less investigative journalism and that high school sports and other events important to you aren’t being covered.

Can you transform a city with less news coverage?

Be bold. Demand more coverage from the Rockford Register Star.


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