transformRRSLOGOFor journalists, credibility is everything. It means that stories and the journalists behind them have ethics and integrity, that stories are fairly reported and not influenced by advertising or other outside influences.

Readers have come to expect believable stories from Rockford Register Star journalists. Recently, the subject of writing advertorial — sponsor-influenced news coverage — has been hotly discussed in newsrooms. Journalists believe this type of faux news product is misleading to readers and weakens the believability of our work.

The Rockford Newspaper Guild is fully opposed to producing advertorial copy and believes that the news should be delivered in a fair and balanced way.

If you can’t believe the news, can it help transform a city?

Be diligent. Demand credibility from the Rockford Register Star.

Send GateHouse Media CEO Kirk Davis an e-mail to demand a greater commitment to this community.



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