Transformation requires contract

Journalists have a contract to provide fair, just coverage of communities; we believe our employer should have a contract with your community, too.

You can’t transform a city if companies that make a living from it reflect only the needs of Wall Street.

Transforming a city means investment, not just maximizing a return on an investment. Who believes that the “cutting your way to prosperity” plan is sustainable?

Yet there have been deep cuts to the newsroom in recent years, limiting its ability to cover the community. We’ve also lost award-winning journalists with years of experience and community knowledge because GateHouse has given no raises for seven years or because their positions were eliminated.

No matter what anyone tells you, journalists aren’t a dime a dozen.

Be strong. Demand that the Rockford Register Star live up to its end of the bargain.

Tell our publisher that community leadership is important to you.

Send GateHouse Media CEO Kirk Davis an e-mail to demand a greater commitment to this community.



One thought on “Contract

  1. I demand that the Rockford Register Star live up to its end of the bargain and provide fair, just coverage of the communities you cover!

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