Transformation requires community

News shapes a community, and a community shapes news.

It’s the kind of relationship in which deep involvement by Rockford Register Star leaders is essential if we are to truly transform Rockford into the place people want it to be.

Transformation needs leadership. Leadership means involvement. Leadership means sponsorship. Leadership means volunteerism. Leadership means providing a platform for everyone to be heard. Leadership means taking tough stances and sticking with them.

Leadership means building relationships that are larger than business revenue.

You cannot transform a community when thought leaders are not deeply engaged in their community.

Get them involved. Demand that leaders of the Rockford Register Star at all levels are engaged in your community.

Tell our publisher that community leadership is important to you.

Send GateHouse Media CEO Kirk Davis an e-mail to demand a greater commitment to this community.

3 thoughts on “Community

  1. As a full-time freelance writer, I accept occasional assignments from Gatehouse, but only because I really like and admire all of the staffers I’ve met or worked with: Rebecca Rose, Brian Leaf, Kevin Haas, Georgette Braun, Wally Haas, Brian Walheimer, Dorothy Schneider – not to mention Alex Gary, Jennie Broecker, and Melissa Westphal, who are no longer there.

    As a subscriber, it’s clear there’s little corporate support for the talented people who do their utmost to give The Rockford Register Star some degree of relevance to our community. I’ve seen the paper shrink and lose much of its local flavor in favor padding the (few) pages with wire stories and generic filler.

    Diluting the newspaper’s content is a sure way to drive away the few subscribers you still have.

    Before it’s too late, I hope you’ll realize that the bottom line in journalism isn’t about money. It’s always about getting to the bottom of the story. So why won’t you allow your reporters and editors focus more on doing their jobs than keeping their jobs?

  2. Gatehouse does not live in Rockford. I do. So do some of my family, my church, my friends, my neighborhood.

    If Gatehouse will not encourage its reporters to cover what is actually happening … and not happening that could/should be happening … then Gatehouse needs to either get with it or get the hell out of the way of real reporting … and real community.

  3. Interesting thread. I am not a journalist but I follow the industry and I know of at least 2 well-regarded senior editors at Top 10 newspapers who were present when one of GateHouse’s corp officers was quoted at a software user conference 2 years ago. He said flatly in a public speech, “anyone was expendable because of a large talent pool” made available by a shrinking journalist market.
    Look closely at GateHouse acquisitions and new ones coming. The company buys out small papers, lays off much of its staff and incorporates the production into a central facility. The catch here: it then offers corp. officers lavish bonuses and salaries.

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