Rockford journalists join national fight for quality journalism

WASHINGTON, D.C. (April 28, 2017) — A broad coalition of 1,500 unionized news workers will conduct a joint day of action on May 3 — World Press Freedom Day — as part of a national campaign to protest the corporate-led assault on quality journalism. The coordinated effort by NewsGuild members will span 29 newspapers owned […]

Point / Counterpoint

(Mark Baldwin, editor of the Rockford Register Star, recently asserted in an email to employees, alleging that, by no longer agreeing to total discretion by the employer in hiring decisions as we bargain, the United Media Guild was now acting in a way which indicates it has no regard for quality journalism. The following is […]

NLRB investigates new charges of unfair labor practices at the Rockford Register Star

The National Labor Relations Board will have a field investigator in Rockford this week to probe management actions at the Register Star. The United Media Guild believes Register Star managers are harassing unit chair Max Gersh due to his union activities. It filed still another complaint with the NLRB, prompting a new investigation. Once again […]

NLRB charges GateHouse Media with labor law violations at Rockford Register Star

The National Labor Relations Board has charged GateHouse Media Illinois Holdings Inc. with multiple violations of the National Labor Relations Act for management actions at the Rockford Register Star. The NLRB investigated a complaint filed by the United Media Guild and found merit on several points: GateHouse retaliated against our members after the UMG objected […]

New Media Investment Group/GateHouse Media keeps buying, slashing newspaper properties

The vulture capitalists at New Media Investment Group/GateHouse Media are at again. The same folks who built the GateHouse Media empire — before running it into bankruptcy and blowing through $1 billion in debt — are building an even bigger media empire. In their latest move, the company bought the Halifax Media Group for $280 […]

Rockford Register Star journalists get no raises, but their publisher gets promoted

Our members at the Rockford Register Star and Freeport Journal-Standard did a marvelous job advancing the career of publisher Josh Trust. GateHouse Media Senior Vice President Brad Dennison announced that Trust is moving up to Division Vice President of Community East. In a memo to employees, Dennison said Trust “led a low-performing property in difficult […]

Frozen wages forces GateHouse journalist to moonlight

Dean Olsen is a great reporter for the State Journal-Register in Springfield. We’re sure that he is a great employee at McDonald’s, too, where he has to work on the weekends to supplement his GateHouse income. GateHouse newsrooms haven’t seen a raise in seven years. Rockford Register Star journalists can sympathize with Olsen. Many members […]

Register Star staffers join Labor Day March

Members of our the United Media Guild took their message to the Rockford Labor Day parade by marching with their union brothers and sisters. The Rockford unit is fighting for a first contract with GateHouse Media, the New York-based company that has slashed the new operation to a fraction of its former size and outsourced […]

Rockford unit to march in Labor Day Parade

Melissa Westphal’s time is short as our Rockford unit chair. She is moving on to an exciting new professional opportunity. Her last day at the Register Star is Sept. 5. She stayed at the newspaper for an extra week so she could march with her co-workers in the Labor Day parade as an active union […]

GateHouse rewards shareholders, not journalists

New Media Investment Group, parent company at GateHouse Media, has delivered on its promise to reward shareholders with dividends. The second quarter produced free cash flow of $19.6 million, or $0.65 on a per-share basis. So the New Media Board of Directors voted to issue a 27-cent quarterly dividend. An analyst participating in New Media’s […]